Sunday, July 28, 2013

SLC Mission

 After 9 weeks in the MTC, Elder Liljenquist was transferred to the Salt Lake City Mission while he waited for his visa for Mexico!
 Email from 2-25-13
Hey Everyone!!!
So I am in the Salt Lake mission, serving in the milcreek area. My area is really big! We have eveything in between 3900 South and 4500 South to 700 east all the way over to 700 west, and we are either walking or on bikes! haha!! I'm not so good on a bike anymore! It has been freezing the past couple of days! but I am loving it! We were white washed into the area so that means that they take out all of the missionaries that were in the area and put in brand new ones and Our area book was not kept up so we basically have to start over! But it has been really good! This area has huge potential! Everybody is really receptive! We are just having a hard time getting into the peoples houses! Our ward has helped us out a lot! The people are really nice here! haha they love it when I try and speak spanish! They will usually listen to me struggle and then correct my whole sentence! haha. I got to go to the Salt Lake temple today. It was amazing. That's the temple that my family was sealed at. I was little and didn't really remember how pretty it was. But my comp is Elder Espinal. He is from Honduras!  He is a pretty cool kid! He talks a lot about racing cars and how tough he is. haha. He has taught me a lot though. I'm loving my mission and am so grateful for every single day that I am here. I was pretty bummed that I wasn't going right to Mexico at first but now I am really happy to be here. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me.  I love you all and I talk to you next week!
Elder Liljenquist

E-mail from 3-4-13
Hey Guys!
Wow what a crazy week! It has gone by so fast! So We have five people on date to get babtized this month!! It has been a unreal week! There is so much potential in this area, and to think that its on our back yard! So on Monday, this past week we knocked on this door in a pretty low, low class apartment complex, We have been talking to this family. Their last name is the Morrgia family. Its just the Mom, a daughter that is 21, a daughter that is 18 and a 2 year old. The guy that was supporting them left them. He took everything from the apartment. He only left them with their clothes and some cereal. They have no furniture, no beds and no food. The mom is sick with HIV and the little girl has a terrible fever at times. They cant find jobs anywhere because they dont have papers to work. It turns out that they all are members, but the daughter that is 21, her name is Angleica is not. We set up a baptism for her this Saturday. So on friday this past week, we called the bishop and he came over with us and gave them a pass to the Bishops store house, and the church is going to be able to cover their rent for the next 6 months! It was amazing! They were so happy! I was so glad that we knocked on their door that day! There has been a lot of problems with drugs and things inside the house. Im glad we were able to show them the right way to do things. We have also been meeting with a Guy named Neilson, he is like 32 years old and is from Mexico. He lives here with his mom and his daughter. They are members but he isn't. They are so nice! and so funny haha. We go over there every other night and teach them and the Mom will always cook us something to eat! I love it! But he is a really cool guy. He loves his family a lot, he is also on date for this month as well. There have been some funny times this past week. So if you know what a Jehova witness is -haha thats why. There are quite a few in this area. haha we get into some pretty heated arguments with them! They dont budge on anything! I never knew that they had their own bible that was written. haha. Some of the stuff that is in there is ridiculous! Our area is doing really well. I am having a really good time here. One of our other companions that was waiting for his visa left this morning. They didn't even warn him. They just called and said your going to mexico this afternoon. Pack as fast as you can and get to the office. So, I hoping that sometime this week I'll go pick up my visa from the Consulat. Everything is going really good though. There is a lot of english but there is also a lot of spanish, so it evens out. I have seen this gospel change lives. I know that it is true, and Ive only been here 2 weeks. I am so grateful for it and for all of you! I love you all soo much!

Elder Liljenquist

Elder Liljenquist's first baptism:)

Elder Liljenquist at the MTC

Elder Liljenquist entered the MTC December 19, 2012!
Best friends Brody and Elder Liljenquist:)
Christmas at the MTC!

Email from 1-1-13
Hey everyone!
Finally we get a Pday today!!! It felt so nice to be able to sleep in and just relax! Well, this past week has been crazy busy! They honestly have our schedule booked from 6:30 am to 9:30 at night every single day! I can barely stay awake in class sometimes! My brain is fried! My companion's name is Elder Ford. haha. He's from Indiana. haha. He's a little on the weird side... but he's pretty funny! Spanish is coming along pretty well! We just got done with our first practice investigator. In the begining,  it was pretty tough  just because we knew close to no spanish at all! But our last lesson was unreal! Its crazy how much spanish I've picked up within the last week and a half! Its so crazy! I don't even think twice about what I say most of the time! If you just let the spirit guide you, you can do anything! I'm so pumped to get to Mexico!! I want to go right now! haha. Pray for my visa!! Everyone seems to be having problems getting out of the country! Love you guys. Ill talk to you a next week!

Elder Liljenquist
Best Friends! Elder Liljenquist, Elder Hansen, Elder Lloyd, and Elder Johnson:)

 Email from 1-8-13
This past week has been pretty good! I've done so much. I dont even know where to start!.  Having class as usual!... And sitting all day long! haha but I love it! Im learning sooooooo much! Spanish is going really well! I love learning it, and especially speaking it! It might be spanglish at times haha but thats ok;) Ive been so exhausted this past week! I took the best nap again today! Me and my companion have been doin better! This past week I kinda had enough with all the messing around! So we went out in the hallway and uh shared our feelings;) haha. He admitted that he could do better, so that was cool! I need to do a lot better too!  We got 2 new practice investigators this past week. Juan and Devina. Juan is unreal and progressing so much! Devina has a wall built up the size of the empire state building!! haha Its ok though!! I love it! Makes us work that much harder to have the spirit with us! I'm so pumped to go to Mexico!! I want to go so bad! I miss all of you guys so much! Way excited for the rest of my friends to get here!! Love you guys.

Elder Liljenquist
Elder Liljenquist and Elder Paasi!

Email from 1-15-13
 It has been a really good week! It goes by so fast! feels like I was just on here writing you guys! Well- Just the same old, same old .haha. Class 12 hours a day! But I love it! I'm learning so much spanish. It's crazy! I don't know how it's possible to remember it all! Its crazy though! cause when were teaching, I can some how use it all! I love it! My companion seems to be a little on the ADD side!! Its so frustrating sometimes! haha. There is a reason for everything though! Maybe I need to be taught a lesson on how to deal with people!;) I'm so excited to get out into the field! I want to go so bad!! It's gonna be so nice to get out of this cold! haha. Just watch though, I'll get reassigned to some place freezing til I get my Visa!!! I want it so bad! I worry about it all of the time! But other than that, it has been a really good week! Way excited for Chase to come in tomorrow! The gospel is true and I know the only way to be truly happy is to live it and love the Lord. Till next week!

Elder Liljenquist 

Email from 1-22-13
Whats up!! I miss everybody!! Things are going way good here!!  I'm so sick of this cold weather!! I want to go to Mexico so bad!  We have been learning soo much! Spanish just seems to get harder and harder! Once you think you have something down, they change it up on you!! Its so frustrating sometimes! but I know that it will come. Our teachers challenge us everyday to only speak in spanish all day! It's so hard sometimes but it helps a lot. I love learning about the language though! Our lessons have been really good! Its so cool to see your investigator progress each time you visit them! Hahaha I promise though.... there have been some rough ones! Thats why we do it though. Better here than out in the field! So, uh-  half of Lone Peak is in here! I see someone new each day!! I love it!  It's so cool to see all these people doing the Lords work! We do these little practices every monday night called TRC.  I love it! There are voulunteers that come in and we get to teach them a lesson. So, last night me and my companion taught a lady that was from Bolivia...WOW!!.. haha I hope the people in Mexico dont speak that fast! It was way cool though! I actually understood her really well! She was the nicest lady with such a cool story! Well, everything is going good! only 3 1/2 weeks left! haha then Ill have to let you know where I get reassigned!!;) pray for my visa!! Love all of you!

Elder Liljenquist

 Email from 1-29-13
Hey Everyone! I miss all of you soo much! Things are going really good here:) Things haven't changed much! Just the same old. haha. But I'm loving every minute of it! We finished our language book so we have the next 3 weeks to review everything. Thats so nice! The language itself is going really good. It's just the dang grammar! It's like english class all over again! I'm so happy actually to be in here the extra 3 weeks. As bad as I want to get out into the field, this extra time is going to be so useful to just keep on learning and expanding my knowledge on everything that much more! Our investigator Juan he is doing so good! We are moving so fast with him! I love seeing a change in people everytime that you meet with them! We just memorized the baptizimal commitment so I think Im going to give it to him tomorrow if the timing is right. I've realized so strong the last couple of weeks that the spirit of our Heavenly Father is the true teacher. We could have a lesson completely planned out and when we get in there, the spirit directs us somewhere way different! Trusting in the Lord is key to everything! He will never lead you astray. I'm so thankful for all of you and the help you gave me to get to this point! I'm so excited to get out and start working!, Haha. So this place is like a small Lone Peak! Everytime I turn around, I see someone else I know! Its crazy!, But so cool! I love You guys!

Elder Liljenquist

Email from 2-6-13
Hey Guys!! Everything here is going really good!! I miss all of you soooo much! haha Im so ready to get out of here! There are way too many people here! its crazy! Were supposed to get another 1200 tomorrow!! So nuts! I dont know where they're going to put them all! They starting to put 3 bunks in a room! Haha so glad im getting out of here. For those of you coming in within the next few months- get used to sharing things!. This past Sunday I was made District Leader for the last couple of weeks that I'm here. Its okay, not that big of a deal!. So, me and my Companion got our first baptism commitment this past week!  Even though its not real, its still so cool! Chase left yesterday. It was hard saying goodbye to him!  But I know he is going to be an unreal missionary! Everything here is going really well and Im so excited to get out into the field! My visa hasn't come yet so I will most likely be going somewhere else until I get it. I'm learning a lot and my testimony and my love for my Savior grow everyday. I miss and love all of you!

Elder Liljenquist
 More best friends! Elder Hannemann and Elder Lloyd

 Email from 2-12-13
Hey Everyone!!
Well its my last week in the MTC, so crazy that it has gone by so fast! Haha Im so excited to get out of here though, I love it, but I want to get in the field! So my visa has not come in. I checked the travel office on Monday and they said you can be expecting a reasignment in your mail on Thursday! So not really sure where I'm going! Haha its making me kinda nervous! I dont know what to pack or what to send home. Guess we'll have to wait untill Thursday. It has been an unreal week though, Things just have been going really good. Teaching has been going really well. I love it! I cant wait until it's for real! So, these past few weeks have just been all review because we are done with the teaching book, so everyday we have just been reviewing spanish and lessons. It has helped so much! There are way too many people in this place! Haha its starting to get to me a little! I'm sick of everyone in my space all the time. We are getting another 900 missionaries this Wednesday, but one of them is Micah! I'm way excited to see him. I am hosting again so hopefully I'll be able to bring him in! Everything is going really well, I am so excited to get out into the field! Ill be sure to tell you all where Im going.  Love you guys!

Elder Liljenquist