Sunday, December 22, 2013

One Year!!!!! December 19, 2013

Just a little video to highlight Elder Liljenquist's 
first year of his mission! 
(Again, if you click on the "Vimeo" button in the bottom right corner, you can watch it a little bit bigger:)

Hey Family!
Well it was another week here in Villa! Haha... We haven't really being doing much! I have been feeling a lot better! I feel like I have gotten all of my strength back and can finally go back and start working!  I have been working here in the offices ever since I got out of the hospital! Its not that bad, We actually help out here a lot! The president has us doing a ton of things here to help him and the mission! It kinda sucks though because we just had transfers today and the president told me that he is going to keep me here in the offices to help him. I wanted to go back to my area in Parilla and work there some more. I had only a little bit of time there but I loved every minute of it! The people there were amazing! and I had such a good experience there with my Son! Abraham is progressing really well! Already has a calling in the ward and they just told us that theyre going to have a baby!! Hopefully I will still be here in the mission when they go through the temple to be sealed as a family! That area has been one of my favorites in the mission! I am really happy that I had the chance to serve there!
I have a lot of time to do some extra studying. Since I have not been doing much, I have been reading in the book "Jesus the Christ." I have been learning about the life of our Savior. In this time of the year during Christmas and all the presents and everything, we sometimes forget why we have this holiday. I want everyone this Christmas, even just for a minute, to remember our Savior. Really having this time to study and reflect on who He really was for the world has opened up my eyes and helped me understand all that much more that Christ really is my Savior and the Savior of the world! I am so grateful for all of you guys and the support that you have given me in this year of my mission!
Elder Liljenquist

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