Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014 - Another Transfer in Parilla!

Hey Family

Well looks like I will be staying here for another transfer! I am way excited about that! I love this area in Parilla! I feel like I have good place here. Well it was another rainy and cloudy week! All the storms you guys should be getting are staying down here and not going up north! It has been kind of on the chilly side in the beginning of the week, but towards the end the sun came out again and it was blazing hot!!
It was another pretty good week this week! We have been working a lot with the 7 investigators that we have on date for baptism! It's hard to find time to meet with them all! Because pretty much all of them can only meet in the afternoons and nights, either because of school or work! But we seem to be doing pretty good with all of them! Claudia, Arlet, and Emanuel are the 3 that are progressing really good! We just get along really good with this family! They are super excited about there baptism date! Only 1 thing happened though!, So Claudia had apparently lied to us in the beginning about her marriage!! So her and her husband are not married! They have been living together for over 25 years and can't get married because the husband is married to another girl and is too lazy to go and take care of it! I was kind of mad! haha... But,she tells us that she really wants to be baptized with her kids, but she is kind of living in sin! We told her she needs to either separate or get married to him. It was kind of hard, especially seeing that neither she or he wants to be married to one or the other! 
We have also been working a lot with Mayras She is progressing really well! It's kind of rough to find time to see her because she is always studying and in school but she has been coming to church by herself for the past 3 weeks! 
Felix the old man that we are teaching, haha... he is hilarious!! He told us that this is the year that he makes changes in his life! Whenever we start teaching him, he always gets caught off track in some story or experience that he has! But he is also doing really well! He is one date for the 15th as well!

Well, the dang internet cafe is going to close in like 10 minutes. BUT- I love you all and I will tell you more next week! 

 Elder Liljenquist

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