Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014 - Great Success in Parilla!

Hey Everyone!!

Well it was another really good week here in Parrilla! We have bee seeing a lot of success here in the area and a lot of miracles! In this past week the weather has jumped back up and started to get warm again! Not sure if I'm ready to go through another April and May!!! With the weather this week only being in the 80s I don't know if I can do the 110s again!! The time has gone by so fast! So crazy that we are already done with the month of January! Crazy! 

So we have been working a lot with the Family, Claudia Arlet and Emanuel. They are a great family that we get along great with. They have such a strong desire to better their lives and be better people. Especially their kids, Emanuel who is 19 and Arlet who is 22. Which is really crazy because most people at this age don't wont anything to do with us! But we have been visiting them a lot this past week! The family when they are all together, are so funny! They remind me a lot of my family when we are all together! haha.. They joke about the same things as we do! haha... if you know my family, you'll know what I'm talking about!! Friday night we took Emanuel to the church for the ward activities and we played soccer with the ward and some other guys that wanted to play! Not gonna lie, I'm gettin pretty good, haha... but these kids that play are unreal!!
We have 7 people on date for the month of February! I am way excited about that! But it's way stressful! Because if they don't go to church, they lose their dates! So this past week we have been teaching a lot about the Sabbath day trying to get everyone to understand that they have to go to church! The last week when we got to church there was a guy standing out by his car in normal clothes, so I said to my comp that we should go and see who that is. So we went and talked to him. It turns out that he and his wife had just moved here and he wants to start going to church. He doesn't know which one but he just wants a church in his life and in the life of his family! So we took down his information and went and visited them this past week! They are way cool! His name is Jair and Anna. They are a young couple that just moved into the town. We started to ask them why they want religion in their lives. And they both answered for their family. We didn't have much time so we left them with the The Restoration and put an appointment to come back with them! They are really good! 
So Sunday morning our church doesn't start until 12 so in the morning we started to make phone calls to remind investigators to come to church! When we got there, Claudia and her family were there and our other investigator Mayra was there! But no one else showed up! So 4 out of the 7 got there! I was mad and happy at the same time.. haha but I think if they all go this next week, their dates won't fall! 

We have been changing a lot of the ways we have been teaching in the past week. We carry around our little DVD player and watch Mormon messages with our investigators and our members. I got all of them downloaded on a USB. It has been a good way to see a variety in our teachings, and who better to teach them then the Prophet himself? 

Everything is going really good! Pray that I don't get transferred in the next week! I want to see all these baptisms happen! I love and miss all of you! 

Elder Liljenquist

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