Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey family!
Well it has been a really good week this week! We have found a bunch of new work here in Parrilla! And the weather here has gotten 10 times better! I actually started to sweat again haha! The sun finally came back out after having about a month without seeing it! 
So this past week we have had some changes in our work! We have been able to find some new families to begin teaching! Friday, we had a Zone class. There we learned a ton of new things that we are going to start doing here in the mission. I guess the Area Presidency is changing a lot of the things here in Mexico so that we can start to see more success! We should be doing so much better than we have been doing! Not just our mission, but all the missions here in Mexico! 
Friday we had a good activity in the ward, We had an open house. We had all of the ward counsel set up a class in all of the classrooms and give a presentation to the investigators that came. It went really well! Our ward here is unreal! They do so such a good job with all of the activities that they do! Some of them even brought other families so they could learn about our church! We received 2 new families to begin teaching! I was so stressed during the whole activity!! haha there was just a bunch of people and they were all looking to me to know what to do!! haha. I wanted to kill someone by the time it was done! I don't know why it stressed me out so bad!
So we found a family of 4 people that had been in teaching before I got here. They are a great family. The wife's name is Claudia and she has a daughter that is 22 and a son that is 19.From the beginning, I got along great with them. We had a really good first lesson with them and we committed them to be baptized for the 8 of February and they accepted! It was soo good! and the best part is that they came to church too!! 
Last night we went and taught the family Garcia. Man, it was a long lesson. This man doesn't have any belief in the bible but says that he believes in God. And has to have a logical answer for just about everything we teach. It was a lesson that tested my patience a lot! We tried to leave him the commitment to pray and find an answer, but he says if he doesn't know its true how could he receive a answer? Oh man, haha... so I did what I was supposed to do and invited but he told me no, and all I could say is ok. I felt really bad walking out of the lesson, all because he didn't want to pray. I thought about how I could have helped this man, but really we are here to invite. We will go back maybe in a week or so and see how they're doing!
Everything here is going good! I love and miss you all so much!!

Elder Liljenquist

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