Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2013

Hey family!
Wow! It has been a good week here in the work! We have seen some milagros here! haha. We have been working here pretty well! The ward here is great! The members have actually helped us out a lot lately! I cant believe how fast time is going! 13 months in the mission! It has gone by so fast! To think that I was in the MTC this time the last year! I cant believe it! 

We started off the week really well, As companions, we sat down Tuesday morning and planned to invite every one of our investigators that we have to baptism. That day we went with the family that I told you guys about the last week! Claudia, Arlet and Emanuel. We had a really good lesson with them. We taught about the first vision of Joseph Smith and at the end, committed them to baptism for the 15th of February! They are such a good family! We all get along really well, but the best part is that they are looking to change!
Later that day, we to see an old investigators of mine from the time that I got here in the area, Felix. He is like 60 years old and has been to church with us a couple of times. He has been doing pretty good but has never showed this much progression before. We felt that we should invite him. We put him on date for the 15 of February also!
The next day we went to an investigator that is from a part member family in our ward. I think I might have told you about her, Mayra. She is 22 and lives with members. We had one really good lesson with here about the Restoration, and we watched the video of the First Vision. After, we invited her to be baptized and put her on date for the 15th as well!! I hope that she will be able to keep her date! She has been in teaching for a while! But hopefully this will be the last time!
The other night we went with another part family investigator who lives like right behind our house. His wife has been member all of her life and she married her husband Ivan who is not a member of the church. We went and had a first lesson with them and like before, we taught lesson 1! We taught the First Vision and invited him to be baptized at the end of the lesson. He his on date for the 22 of February!! His wife was super happy when we left the lesson! They have been together for 4 years and he has never accepted the missionaries before!
We have received some references from our ward and we went to go and do some contacting this week! From the 2 that we contacted, we put one more on date for the 2 of march! Her name is Neomi! We had a great lesson with her and she looks like she is going to progress really well!
Well this week was also a week of exotic foods also!! So there is a dish here that they eat in all of Mexico! called mondongo. It's the stomach of the cow!!!! And everyone has told me how good it is and how great it tastes!! Oh man!!! It was awful!!! Luckily we ate with the bishop and his family so they understood when I politely said no thanks...haha and the other day we ate turtle!! I only had a little bit but mostly just to say that I got to try it! It was alright. Just really different... like I cant describe it!
I hope that we can continue with the success that we are having in this area! I miss all of you guys so much! Love You all!!

Elder Liljenquist

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