Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey Family! 

Well it has been another week. I can not believe how fast the weeks are going. I feel like every time that I blink, it's a new month! Well it has been a better week here in Parrilla! I feel like so much has turned around for us here! The weather just keeps getting hotter and hotter! We were in the high 90s all week this week! It was so hot! And they say that this heat was nothing compared to what is coming! Super Pumped!!!

We have been working a lot better with our ward members and with the references that they have given us. It has made all of the difference in the world! It has made me realize that we can not do this work by ourselves! We need the help of the members here to be able to push this work along!  We have been able to find some new investigators this week. We found a new family that is really great! I have gotten along awesome with them, It's a family of 5 with all boys. So that's probably why I get along really well with them! They don't belong to any church and they say that they are looking for one to go to! 

This past Thursday, we had a Seventy come and give us a conference. It was really good. Elder Vansuela came and spoke to us about the work and all the new things that the 12 and the first Presidency want to be changed! They told us that the baptisms for this mission are super low. And that the Lord expects more from us! It's really got me motivated to start working so much harder than I am! He spoke a lot about knowing the scriptures and that we should use them in every single one of our lessons. They really want us to grow more in the scriptures and to always have them memorized and to use them always! He also spoke that us as missionaries need to go and teach the members of our wards!

It has been a much better week! The roller coaster keeps moving! It's going to so fast! I miss all of you so much! And I love You all!!!

Elder Liljenquist

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