Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 17, 2014


Hey Everyone!!

Well it has been another week here in Parrilla... and sadly my last!! I have transfers! But the good thing is that they are not sending me very far! They are sending me to Grijalva! haha.. It's an area here in the same stake. So I wont be that far away. 
It has been a good week, We have been in a dry spot for a couple of weeks here! We have been working so hard to try and figure out what we can do to lift us up from this low that we are in. We have been working a lot with the members in the ward and they have been taking us to there friends and neighbors that they know and it has really helped us a lot! We had a really good lesson with Shabata and her family. We taught about the Book of Mormon. It went really well and she and her sons took the teaching really well! And at the end of the lesson we invited them to be baptized, and they accepted! We invited them to pray about the things that we have taught them so they could know for themselves that all of this is true! 
This has been one of the best areas that I have had in my mission. I have loved the members, It sucks so bad to have to leave here! It feels like I'm leaving home again. haha. I feel like I am leaving family that I have here! So many things that I have learned in these 6 months that I have been here and so many people that I have had the opportunity to know and love. I am so grateful to have served in this area! I hope so bad that it can continue to grow! 
It kinda sucks to say that I am leaving but there is nothing that I can do about it! I have realized that the work is not about where you are, how you feel, or what you do. Because the work is not ours. It is the Lords. I want more than anything to do the best that I can while I can. Time is flying by, and the last thing I want to do is leave behind something that I could have done!
Sunday in Church, we had 5 investigators that came with us! It was really good! Of that 5, one of them should be ready to be baptized in the next week! Too bad that I am not going to be there, but that's not what matters! Today in the morning, we had an activity in the church with all of the ward and investigators. We played soccer and basketball, and I taught them how to play football!! haha. It was way fun! A really good way to end the time here in the area and to be able to say bye to everyone! That part sucked pretty bad! Haha.. The sisters started to cry! They all wanted to hug. But as bad as I wanted to give them a hug back, we cant! haha! I am going to miss it here! But really excited to get to my new area. My new comp with be Elder Nevitt. I hope that we have a ton of success in the next transfer!
I love you all! I think about all of you all the time. I have heard that all my brothers age guys are heading out on their missions, So crazy! Good luck to all of you and Just know that you are doing the best thing that you could be doing in this part of your life! I love you all!!

 Elder Liljenquist  ADDDIIIOOOOOSSSS

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