Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey family!!

How was the 4th of July?? Well here most people have no idea about what tha date even is! Haha so there was not much that happend here! But it was a good week this past week! We are really trying to get this area up and running again! We need more investigators! But we have been doing our best working through the ward members and trying to find some more less active members who have family who are not members of the church! 

Our mission and our President has been really focusing on the way that we contact and making sure that we have 2 contacts that turn into new investigators daily! So my comp and I who do not have much experience in contacting have been putting goals so that we can make this happen each week! So we have not done any corner of the street contacting but we have been doing our best in between appointments to find people that maybe are like cleaning or doing something that in some way or another we can help them get introduced to the gospel!

It was a pretty disappointing Sunday!! We did have our investigators in church! it was pretty upsetting! When you try so hard all week so that they will go and they don't show up!! haha something that will never be easy to handle! Only imagine how Heavenly Father feels when they don't go! haha. But it was a really good fast Sunday! I bore my testimony and talked about the power of fasting! I shared with them that I really did not understand fasting before my mission. Really and sadly the first time that I think I truly had fasted for something was here in the mission! But I have come to love fasting. It helps me focus on the things that I am doing and really helps me see that the Lord is in control, it helps me to be a little bit more humbled each time that I do it. As hard as it is walking around in this dang hot weather and not being able to eat or drink it is something that it is really important to our Heavenly Father and I know that through the power of a true monthly fast we can be that much closer to our Heavenly Father!

Well for the 4th of July here we were not just gonna let it pass us by, we set up a soccer game with some of the members and had them bring some investigators if they could play and we could get to know them. But us 3 Americans against 3 Mexicans haha pretty much representing the Country! Don't worry haha I have gotten pretty good haha!! It was tough but we did come out on top! haha! 

I love all of you guys! I am having the best time here right now! The ward it great and the area is awesome! The Zone is doing really well as well as our district! I hope that you all had a good weekend! haha all we could talk about here was the things that our families do on the 4th! haha made us all home sick a little! But everything is good here! Love you guys!

Elder Liljenquist

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  1. I enjoy reading Elder Liljenquist's letters. I served in the Villahermosa mission from 1975 to 1977. Mike Liljenquist, Orem