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June 23, 2014

Picture jackpot this week!:) 

Hey Guys!!

Well it was another great week here in Coatza! The people and the ward here are great! We have been trying to get this ward that we have here turned around and working again! We have people with a lot of experience here in this ward. I guess that it was the first ward established here in Coatza. So there are a lot of members but there are a lot of less actives that have not been to church in years! We have been teaching a lot of less actives in this past week! But it has also helped us find new invesatigators to begin teaching. Through the less actives in the ward they usually have members of he family that are not members of the church yet. SO this past week we found some new investigators and helped lots of less actives get back and goin again!

We have been workin a lot with a family whose dad was just baptized. His son Aaron is 14 and we have been working with him alot this past week and he is preparing to be baptized for this Saturday! He is really excited! The only little problem is that his mom is what they call here Catholic to the bone, haha so she was kind of against it at first but seeing the change that it had in her husband she decided to let her son be baptized! We are really excited for them! The mom is a really nice lady but haha you can definitely see who wears the pants in the family because she makes all of the decisions! 

We have also been working with an other part family investigator Paulina, her aunt is taking care of her because her mom passed away and her Dad left her. Her aunt is a member but is less active, so we are trying to reactivate the aunt so we can baptise Paulina. She is a really nice girl, shes 14. Her story is really sad, We want to be able to help her so bad but we have to get the aunt back and active in the Church so that she will be able to go every Sunday! 

This past week a family got here from Nicaragua, they say that there are making there way up to the United States. But on there way they things got robbed and now they are left with nothing. They got here claming that they were members of the church, so the ward started to help them while they were trying to figure out if they were members or not. We got a call from the Stake President and he wanted us to go and meet them and ask them some questions and see if we felt like they were members of the church or only looking for money. So we went to get to know them a little and from what the mom had said to us we know for a fact that she is not a member of the church. We kept asking and asking questions and finally she came out and said that she was not a member of the Church but her son was. We met the son and started talking to him about some things and he seems like he knows what he ius talking about. The Stake got back to us and said that they had called the stake president there and he told them that they are not members of the church. So as of now we have been told to teach them and helo them in the ways that we can. They both seem really willing to be baptized we just need to be careful and make sure it is for the right reasons. 

We had a ward party for fathers day this past week, it was way fun! They asked me to lead it! It was reallly funny! Made me miss my family a lot! 

Today for P day we went to the beach and then we went to a all you can eat seafood restaurant!! and it just so happend that the owner of the place was a memeber of the church and let us eat for free!!! We were all so pumped!! haha it was going to be soo expensive!

Everything here is going so good! Miss you all so much! 
Elder Liljenquist

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