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September 16, 2013

(His English isn't very good anymore;) Truly converted!!)

Hey Family!!
  Another week down here! Time feels to be going so fast! We only have two more weeks in the transfer! Feels like that I just got here! But it was somewhat of a good week. We have really had a hard time with the investigators that we have. It's hard to get them to continue to progress! It has been kind of frustrating! But we just need to keep in mind that what we are here to do is to invite and we can' force this upon anyone. So some of our investigators have gotten in a bad rhythm of not keeping there commitments and not wanting to progress. So we have had to talk with them to varify everything to make sure they still understand this process.
     Thursday I went and did my first divisions with the other elder that lives with us. We went to his area and we actually had a pretty good day! We had some pretty good lessons and we went and taught this family that has a kid that is a member and everyone else is not. We had a really good lesson. We taught them about how the gospel blesses the family and at the end we commited them to be baptized and they accepted! Its such a good feeling to have people accept this invitation! Even though they're not my investigators! It was still really good!
    Wednesday here, the skies went dark as ever and it poured rain!! I have never seen it rain so hard! We have been soaking wet all week! The rain here is really on and off though. It will pour rain for like 10 minutes and stop, then come back and do it over and over again. We put our scriptures and things we dont want to get wet, in a plastic bag from like the grosccrie store and then in our backpacks cause everything just gets soaked! 
  Saturday we had somewhat of a better day! When we went to visit people and they were actually in there houses/ haha, We have a investigator named Norma. She is progressing really well and from what I can see, doing really well. We went and saw her and taught here about the Book Of Mormon. It was really good! We had a good time explaining it to her strong cathlolic family!! haha but it went really good! 
  So we live in a house that has two levels. A big family lives below us and we live on the top floor! Saturday night, we show up to our house and one of the teenage daughters is out there with a group of her friends. She stops us and says to us before we go in, that they are  sorry for the noise that there's going to be! They had planned a party that night! So around 10:20 ish the stereos just get blasted with this electronic music! Our floor was shaking!! So we go out on the balcony of our house and down below the beer man is making his drop off at this house!!! haha. You can order your beer for delivery here! 3 carts! I look at the other american that lives with us and tell him we are not going to sleep tonight! haha. Sure enough we did not go to bed untill 1:30 in the morning!!  haha. o we had to use our time wisley! ...So me and Elder Urbina went and spied. Peeking through the windows! haha. It was ridiculous!! A solid 12 people there! haha. The kind of party you walk in and walk right back out! Made our house smell like beer and cigarettes though!! I was so exhausted the next day! Sunday nigh,t was the night that they celebrate their Independence Day here too! So there was a huge party going on in Central! I got a call from our zone leaders telling us that we had to be in the house at 8:00 that night because it was going to be so crazy!
  Everything is going good here! Having patience with me had really been a test! I have taken a lot of time this past week to just think,  "how we can be better so we start to see more success?" When I dont want to, I still do it. When I'm tired and want to rest, I'll still go....just pushing and not letting disappoinment bring me down has been the biggest help for me! I love you guys and thank you for all your help with everything! Especially the Elder Holland talks! 

Elder Liljenquist

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