Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 2, 2013

Now that everything is caught up....we can FINALLY go week by week:)


Well it was another really good week here in Acauycan! The weather is so much better here! I actually get cold at night! I love it! Haha I would be fine if I stayed here for the rest of my mission! Just in the months of May and June!! Pray that I'm not back in Tabasco in those months! Well I think that I have finally learned the area well enough that I don't need anyone to show me around anymore. Tuesday I taught my first District class to the Elders in my District! I was kind of freaking out a little bit, but everything went really well. We focused the class on a talk from Elder Holland called "The Divine Companionship" haha I think that's how you would translate that! But it focused in on how us as missionaries should have more that one companion with us at all times. The Holy Ghost. It showed us how we can start working better and more effectively when we have the spirit with us always. Because in all honesty, it is the only way that we can do this work! When we forget that and we start to do in in our own way, it will never work. There is one way to do this work, and it's the Lord's way.
Two Elders in my District have been having a hard time getting along and seem to be always fighting! I was about ready to just beat the both of them after an hour talk and still nothing had changed!! haha. I felt like a dang marriage counselor!! But as of now, they seem to be going good.  Our area seems to be full of people that are super prepared to hear the Gospel and are actually really receptive! We are actually doing pretty good with our investigators. We have put some more people on date for baptism, but they keep falling through because we can't get any of them to come to church with us! They keep all their commitments until Sunday and then they decide to be lazy! haha. We are teaching this family and the mom is really interested. Her husband Juan is having a hard time moving along! We have really been focusing our lessons on the Book of Mormon! I asked her if she thinks that she has received an answer yet.  She said that she feels something different when she is reading and then she told us YES! She and her family are there! We just need them to come to church!
Saturday I had to go to an area in the middle of no where to give my first baptism interview for a couple of Elders in my District! haha. Luckily the lady that was getting baptized was just as nervous as I was!! But everything went really well! Later that day, we had our interviews with our President. He is such a cool guy! He told me that me and Elder Berry will have the opportunity to serve together before we end our missions!! SO Pumped! yesterday we had our Stake Conference! We had such a good turn out! Over 600 people!! Things are starting to pick up in this area! Just pray and help us get these people to church! Love you all so much!

Elder Liljenquist

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