Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23, 2013

 Hey Everyone!
     Well it has been somewhat of a better week than the last! Well we started of the week in the our district class. It went pretty good. We have been watching the Work of Salvation and how we can change the way we are doing this work to the way the Prophets want it to be! It has been something that our mission President wants us to study really hard and put it into practice in the field.
So we have heard there that there has been a lot of hurricanes going around Mexico and the Carribean. One hit part of our mission. Luckily I was clear on the other side. But later that day, Tuesday, I got a call from our Zone leaders sayin that they just talked to the President and we have a Hurricane headed right in our direction!! He said to call your district and tell them to go buy food for at least 2 days and get more water! haha. I got kind of freaked out! haha. When in reality, we had one of the hottest weeks I have had in the mission in a long time! haha! It came no where close to us! Turns out that they were all around us but nothin too bad!
     The past week was a really hard week in the work. As we started this week off, I was ready to start to see some changes! So Tuesday, we went and ate with the family that gives us food and as we were leaving we asked if there was anyone that she knew of that we could go and visit. She said the family that lives right in front of them. So we went and knocked on there door and their kid that is 16 answered and told us that his dad is sick. Then the mom came and talked to us for a minute. We explained to her that we could give her husband what we call a blessing, like a prayer. She invited us right in. So we went and gave the dad a blessing and talked to him for a second. Turns out they actually have family that are members and a nephew that is a ex missionary. They are a family of 5. Surper nice and have accepted us to come back and start teaching them! We have also been going through the Area book and looking at the old teaching records of people that we could go back and start teaching! We went and found this girl named Nitza. She is 18 and was listening to the missionaries about 2 years ago. So we went and contacted her and she stopped listening to the missionaries the first time because she didnt have any support from anyone or really know anyone in the our ward! We had a really good first lesson with her and got to know her really well! We have an appoinment to come back to see her tommorrow! We also found another new family to teach this week. Well they were new, haha, but they weren't really interested! So we went and taught this mom and her 19 year old daughter for the first time and it went really well! They accepted everything really well and we said we would come back the next day to see them but they werent there. So we kept trying and tryin but we couldn't find them! So we went back yesterday and tried to see if they were there! We found them, so we went in  talked to the daughter and turns out that her husband doesn't want her to listen to us and said that we cant' come back!! Well ....there isn't much we can do there!!
     Overall it has been a little better week! We still have so much that we can do to be better! I talked to a returned missionary that is here in the ward. We talked about his mission and how we are here to work. He said the last night of his mission, he went out and knocked doors instead of getting ready to go home!! It was cool to hear that Made me think about how much harder I can be working right now!!
      Love all of you guys!

Elder Liljenquist

Clearly he still has his sense of humor.....;)

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