Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hey Family!
How is everything going there at home? Not gonna lie, this past week, I  got a little Mexico'd out!! Haha. I miss the states!! But everything is going good down here! We have had a little better week! So we started off our week visiting a ton of people! In this area, there is work to be done! The only hard thing is to get people to keep there commitments! So, I have been studying really hard to try and find a way to help these people that we are teaching to keep progressing. I have studied and studied and I think that I have found a way that should help. haha! So, we have an investigator named Ontoniel. He is 23 and just working and going to school. He loves the missionaries and loves to joke around and have a good time! His family is from another church and don't really support him listening to us, but haha, he doesn't really care that much! His girlfriend is actually a member, but inactive! So we have been teaching him for the past couple of weeks and he actually had a baptism date but he has yet to come to church with us! He likes to listen to us but likes more to just hang out and talk to us more than anything. ( were coming back to this) So we had a zone class this past week and we talked about how we need to change the way we teach so that the investigator can understand better. We talked about how everyone is different, and we need to adapt our teachings more to the investigator and less in the order of the lessons. So I have been thinking of a new way that we can teach him, Thanks to the Best Mom in the world, I have some Mormon messages that I have just watched in the house but we took them and put them to work. It went really well! Being able to be taught from the Prophet's voices themselves doesn't get much better! It went really well. We showed some videos of Christ and really refocused our teaching on him. After the video, we reexplained our purpose as missionaries and recommitted him to be baptized for the 28th.
 We have two other investigators that are moving really well and progressing! In our Zone class, our goal for this month of baptisms is 43 for our zone!!! We were all kind of shocked when they told us this number! But I know that we can do it. As a goal for me and my companion, we have a goal of 5! I know that we can get it! We just need to be more persistent with these people!
So.... we are still sleeping on the floor and sharing one fan for all of us! Haha. But it's not really that bad! I have kind of gotten used to it. One of the other Elders is from  Arizona. Elder Urbina, haha.. he is pretty cool. I am glad that there is another American there in the house. haha. It's just nice to be able to talk in english sometimes! So  at nights, we call this place that delivers the best tacos! haha and we sit out on our porch and just chill! I miss and love all of you guys!

Elder Liljenquist

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