Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 12, 2013 - 10 Months!!!

Hey Fammmilyyy!!
Well it was another good week here in Parrilla! So we have been working really hard this past week just on getting to know the área and finding all of the less active members and old investigators that are in the área book! So basically, we have walked our freaking butts of this past week! We have a huge área! but its an área with a lot of potential! there are so many people that are ready to get baptized and hear about the church! This past week we have been walking around with a Ward directory and basically walkin from neighborhood to neighborhood finding people and contacting! It has been ok! Not my favorite thing to do but someone has to do it! Haha. My Companion asks me all the time "why do we walk so much" and says haha  "its so hot". Well this heat that we have right now is NOTHING compared to what is to come! And well we do walk a lot. I do feel kind of bad about that but its all about learning haha.
Well we have found some pretty good investigators this past week! Our first one is Yarelli. She is 10 years old and her family is an inactive family. We have been visiting them the past week and Yarelli has done nothing but say how much she wants to get baptized! So we talked with her mom and the bishop and the first thing that has to happen is they all need to come back to church! So we have been putting goals and things with them so they can have something to work towards! Yarelli has a baptizm date for the 26th of October!
We have another investigator, David. His wife just got baptized and he has been coming to our church I guess for a long time! Im not reallly sure why he has not been baptized. He is a good guy. I have only talked with him a couple of times at church activites and yesterday during church, but the Bishop told me that he is really prepared and is ready to be baptized!!
This área has so much more too! Just a Little bit more time and I think we will be seeing some real progress! Something that I have noticed the past week here working, is that our diligence and obedience is everything! We have been so exhausted lately! It has been so hard to get out of bed sometimes! But we have noticed a difference in the days that we do everything in the right time and the days that we get up late or do something else. It is something so small but it can have the biggest difference! The Ward that we are in are all really good people! We had a really good Sunday turnout. We had 140 people at church! Thats the most that I have had since I left Utah!! When people ask me how many do I have in my Ward! haha.. they about have a heart attack! If you have more than 100 here, you are massive!
Everything is going good! We are gettin there! Just got to work a Little bit more each day and we will start to see results! I love and miss you all!
Elder Liljenquist

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