Sunday, October 27, 2013

September 30, 2013 - Transferred!

Hey Everyone!

Well we had somewhat of a better week this past week! We have been working so hard to try and find people to teach in this dang area! Not gonna lie, but the people here are really tough. I'm not sure why! I think it's just becuase the area that we have is super small! And everyone is just used to us walking the same roads everyday! So Tuesday, we were walking the same old roads again when we got a call from some other elders in the area next to ours. They passed along a reference for us and we just happened to be right in front of the house of the reference. So we went and contacted the house. The dad of the family was sitting outside, almost like he was waiting for us. He told us to come in and sit down. We started to talk with him and he said that he came to our stake conference that we had a couple weeks ago, and that he loved it. Then we asked if he had any more family that he lived with. He responded with "his whole family"! So we asked him if he could bring them out and introduce us to them! We met all 8 of them! As we were there, we explained what it is that we do as missionaries and asked them if they were interested in taking our lessons and they all accepted! It felt so good as we walked out of that lesson with them!
So Wednesday I went and did splits with a nelder that is in my district, Elder Rivas. He has like 4 months in the mission but he is a really good Elder! It went really good! The area that we were in is famous in all of Mexico for their Memellas!! They were unreal!!! Not only that, but there house is soo nice!! They even have Hot water!!!!!! I think that might have been the highlight of the week!! haha .Having a hot shower was the greatest thing in the world!!! I actaully felt clean when I got out! I took one that night and another one in the morning!! The next day it was back to sleeping on the floor and cold showers! 
The weekend went pretty well. We went back and met that family of 8 and had a really good lesson with the Bishop of our ward! The dad of the family told us that he wants to be baptized! Now that we have won over the dad,  the rest of the family should be right behind him! So the whole week everyone has been stressing about the transfers that are happening today!! Haha... Well It looks like I won't be here to see this family get baptized! I am headed to Villahermosa! I will be training a new missionary!!!! Im gonna be a DAD! But I guess that I am getting" white washed" into my area! That just means they take out both the elders that were there and put two new elders in! So I will be training and having to redo a new area.

I'm kinda nervous but I know that everything will be alright! I need everyone to be praying for my Best friend, Elder Berry. He has been really sick the past couple of weeks and is doing his best to fight and stick it out! 

I Love all of you soo much

Elder Liljenquist

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