Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Reunited!!

 Hey everyone!

Well, it has been a really good week! So last Monday, we went around and said bye to everyone that was in my last area! I was up until like 12 at night packing and then had to be up again that next morning ready to leave by 5:30!  So we get to the bus station around 5:15 in the morning and end up waiting for an hour before we can go. The plan was to meet the other elders in the other bus station and basically do a drop off and pick up on the way to Villa. But my bus decided to go to the wrong bus station!! So we had to get off really fast and get all of our luggage out from the bus. I had the bus driver screaming spanish at me and I had to help my travel comp because he could not speak the language!!  So we get everything off and we were going to just take a taxi to the right bus station! Then I go to grab my back pack and it's not there! I left it on the freaking bus! So I ran to the front desk and told her to look the bus up and tell me where it was going. Luckily it was going to Coatza. So I called the elders there and gave them the bus number and they were able to pick up the bags!  So glad that I took out my wallett and everything before! Haha... may have dropped some none missionary words during all this stuff! 
We finally got to Villa after a 5 hour bus ride! It was actually really good. I got to sleep the whole way! We stopped in Coatza too, so I picked up my bag there. After waiting at the bus station in Villa for someone to come with me to the offices, we got there pretty late in the day. So Elder Berry told me last week that he had gone home because of his sickness, so I was kind of bummed that he wasn't going to be there. Haha... but one of the first things that an elder said to me when we got there is that my buddy was inside! So I ran in the church building and started lookin around, haha ..The butt was sitting with some sister missionaries trying to speak spanish!! Haha. Same old Brody! It was sooo good to see him! Felt like so long! He is doing good. I shouldn't say so good because he is pretty sick! He says that he can't keep any of his food down and his whole body hurts! But it was really good! We spend that whole afternoon together! After, I got introduced to my new companion, Elder Gonzales. He is from up Northern Mexico. He is a pretty cool elder! haha... just has that "have no clue whats going on" look on his face always! But he tells me that he is ready to work! haha. So thats good! That night we got to our area and its like 10 minutes outside of Villahermosa. The ward that we are in is really good! The area is called Parrila. We have a ward attendance of like 150 every Sunday! That is unreal for down here. The next day, we went back to the offices and spent pretty much the whole day there! I spent the whole day with Brody and the President! It was so good! He took us out to lunch with all the new elders that had just gotten here. Then, me and the President started to talk about some things and he told me that for sure me and Elder Berry would be companions before we end our missions. He just sat and talked to us 3 for an hour or so! It was so good. Me and President sat there and tried to convince Elder Berry to go and get some shots so he can keep some food down! He told me I can go and hold him down while he does it! But after being all day with them, we went back to our area around 7 that night. 
 So this new area that we are in is absolutley blank. There is nothing. That night I went to talk to the ward mission leader and he told me that the elders that were here did not work. The area book that was there was full of garbage and they didn't leave me even a sheet of paper of what was going on in the area. So once again, we will be starting from the very beginning of everything! So for the past couple of days, we have been walking around with a ward directory and contacting members. There are a few old investigators in the area book that we went and contacted. It's hard!!.. Not that it's hard, it's just things that should be already done! But the ward that we have is really good! Our Bishop is unreal and works alot. So I'm sure this week we will have at least a base to work off of! Saturday and Sunday were really good! It was nice to be able to watch conference. All the talks were really good! Made me miss being able to watch it in my living room! 
Today me and my companion went into town and went to the mall that is there! Haha Felt so good to walk into a mall!! I sound like my mom... we ate at subway too!! haha. But everything is going good! I love and miss all of you!

Elder Liljenquist

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