Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 21, 2103

Hey Everyone!

Well another week down! Seems like just yesterday that I was here writing you guys! Time is flying here! Were already in the last couple weeks of October! Where has this year gone?? It was overall another pretty good week! Really hot and a lot of walking! haha.. We have worked so hard the past couple of weeks! We have been able to contact a ton of new investigators and have found a bunch more less active families to start teaching too!  So the last Monday after got done writing we went to this store called Big City. So its basically a Costco with a different name! And it is packed with anything american that you could ever want!! It was the best!! I found skippy peanut butter haha... and I even found toaster strudles!!! Best day ever! Then we went and had a family night with a family that are recent converts of about 4 months! They are such a good family! Family Figaroa. We sat and talked with them abouth the importance of having your family night and being together with your family and being able to leave everything else behind! It went really well! They are a super excited family and love to tell stories and share experiences and things! 
We have still be visiting Hermana Yarelli, The little girl that we are going to be baptizing this week and we have been working on reactivating her family! It has been going really good with all of them! They all came to church this past week! The little girl is super excited about her baptism and haha is such a good influence for her mom and her whole family! Shes the reason why they all came to church that day! Later that day I got a call from a sister in our ward asking me if I could come and help her with her english homework that she had! haha ...We had an appointment in that area so me and my companion went and helped her out! Pretty funny! She had to read from a magazine and translate it to a piece of paper! So I sat there fixing her translations!
For the past couple of weeks we have been working with a guy called Felix. He is a Grandpa of a girl in our ward. He has been kind of hard to teach! haha ..All he wants to talk about is work and things like that! We have been helping him fix his lawn mower that he has. haha.. Lucky for him Ive been around those for a while and kind of have an idea of what to do! We have taught him lesson number 1 like 50 times! I just think he is too old to really understand all this stuff! But he loves to listen to us he says!
We have also been working with another recent convert, Marbella. She is 24 and just got baptized like a month ago! But she has a boyfriend that is not a member of the church! But he has been coming with here to church for the past little while!  He is super interested in the church and wants to learn more before we do anything with him! So this past weekend they got married!! The ward threw them a huge party in the church for their wedding! haha... It was so fun! My first marriage as a Missionary!!! So we got them married now! He is ready for baptism! We just have to convince him that!!
Everything here is going good! Just working!! This week it is going to pay off! My companion is still learning every single second!! haha.. but he is doing the best he can! I need everyone to be prayin for one of my best friends, Elder Berry will be having surgery this week and I need him back in shape to get back down here to Mexico! Thank you all for your help!! I love and miss all of you!!

Elder Liljenquist
Skippy Peanut Butter and Toaster Strudels make for a VERY happy Elder:)

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