Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey Family!
 Well it has been another good week here in Parilla! We have had a lot of rain here the last couple of days! It has been crazy! We have no idea what rain is in Utah!! So Wednesday me and my companion were leaving the house and we have to walk a huge stretch of road, like at least a mile or mile and a half. So we were just walking like normal and the sky was dark as dark! It had like that Greenish look to it when you know its gonna get bad quick! Haha... I told my comp that we had a good five minutes to get some cover! And we were a good mile out of our área still!! And in this strech of road there is nothing! So we started to pick up our pace! And right as we did we stopped and like 50 yards ahead of me rain was falling!! It was the craziest thing ever! I turned to my comp and and pointed ahead of us at the rain, as we stood completly dry! Haha then....We were soaked!!!!! The rain drops were the biggest things ever!  We looked like we had just jumped into a pool! It has rained like this for the past couple of days!
We had a pretty good week in the work! Our área is unreal! Monday was my Birthday so the Bishop and his family invited us to his house for a family night! The family night went really good and after they surprised me with a cake and stuff! It was really nice of them! They are a really good family! This week we have really been working on our less actives in our Ward! We seem to have a ton of them! The bishop had asked us if we can spend some more time working with them, so we have dedicated a lot of the time that we had this week on that. It has been going really good. We have found a lot of lost members and been able to help them get back into the church! We have been working really hard on finding new investigators to start teaching! We have been doing alright at getting references from our Ward, but we can do better! We have planned to have a family night with the members of our Ward to be able get more references from them! and we have planned more activities with our Ward to be able to get people more involved!
 Sunday was a really good day! We had a ton of people at church! We had 133 people there! Us and the Bishop were really happy with the assistance! Sunday in the afternoon we had a family night with a less active family in our Ward. The dad is a Ex missionary and he had two daughters just a Little older than me. So we had our lesson set on the The Family, A Proclamation to the World. It was a really powerful lesson! You could tell that the family really needed it! After they all bore there testimonies! It felt really good to say that I know ill be with my family again! and someday have my own family forever! One of the daughters asked her parents if they could be better in going to church and being a more close family. That was a really cool thing to be able to hear. After we had a lesson with Abrham and Marbella. Their family is really cool and we all get along really well! We had a really good lesson with Abraham. He had the question of how is he going to feel when he receives his answer?? We focused our lesson on the Holy Ghost. It went really well. He has some big problems in his life right now. He has not talked to his family in over a month and they wont let him in at his house. Every since he married Marbella, his family has pretty much kicked him out. Its really hard for him and you can see it. We just hope he will be able to put his trust in Heavenly Father and make the right choices!
It has been a really good week! I miss all of you sooo much!! Time is flyin! feels so weird to tell people that I will be at a year in my misión in the next month! I love all of you!
Elder Liljenquist

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