Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Well it has been a really good week this week! We have been having some pretty good success with the investigators that we do have! It has been pretty good! The weather has been a lot better here! The sun finally came out and we went right back up into the high 90s, it was so good!
The last Monday in the night we had another lesson with Jessica and her family. It was the first time that we has met her family and because she is only 17 we have to have permission from her parents to be able to teach her. So it turns out that her mom is Catholic and her dad is Ateo (Doesn't believe in the Bible or in God) So I was like great, how in the world am I supposed to teach someone that doesn't believe in the Bible or in God. He told me from the beginning to be ready to answer his questions that he is going to have! So as we got started I was a little nervous! We taught the Restoration, and I'm not even gonna tell you how long it took us to get through the lesson! We sat there for 2 hours!! I have never been pounded with so many random questions in my life! Luckily I'm pretty sure that we answered him well! At the end of the lesson her mom was actually really interested! It all went really well! The dad is still really nice to us and everything just haha... I'm not sure what he thinks of us! 
Tuesday we had a Zone conference in Villa with our mission president. It went really good! We learned a lot more things that we could do better and things that we definitely need to work on! He changed on rule of the mission though. I guess that its a rule for all of the missions in Mexico that we have to have our investigators come 5 times to church before we can baptize them! That's gonna be rough! it is hard enough to get our investigators to come to church but now they have to have come 5 times before baptism. That next day right as we were ending the day and walking to our last appointment. I got a call from our mission President and he said that he was in my area in front of  my church waiting for us, he wanted to come and see our house!! Haha.... luckily the house was clean! Haha but he and all of his family came and talked with us for a bit and then we went around to get to know our area. He told us to find a nicer house to buy!! Haha and he gave us money to buy new mattresses!! It was sweet!!
Saturday in the morning we had an activity in the Stake center with the whole zone! We had to help teach the youth with an activity called a day in the mission. We taught them the First lesson and then we went out and started teaching all the less actives in the area. We left them to do all of the teachings! We just lead them around to the houses! It was pretty fun. 
That night we had a lesson with Abraham. It went really good! He is living the Word of Wisdom and he told me that he feels really good about his decision for the 7 of December! We are really excited about that! The next day in Church another one of our investigators showed up! Felix! The old man that we have been teaching for a while! After church we had a lesson with him and our ward mission leader, he accepted a date for the 21 of December! It was really cool to be able to see him there! The only bad part is that Jessica and her family didn't show up! So we had to move back her date a week! But hopefully everything will work out! 
That night we had a special meeting in Villa with the area President Elder Johnson from the Seventy. He wanted all the ward council and missionaries to be there. He spoke to us about how we could be so much better, I guess that our numbers as a mission are not where they should be. And he talked about what we are doing as a ward and as missionaries to be finding news and reactivation. Mexico has the most baptisms but also has the most less and inactive members in the world!. 
It was really cool because the stake from my first area here in Mexico was there!! So all the members from Paraiso were there!!! It was way cool to be able to see them! and to be able to talk to them!!! Haha I couldn't speak at all when I was there and they were all so surprised at my Spanish and how I have changed.... supposedly!! Haha.
Everything is going good here! We are going to be changing some things here in the mission! I love and miss all of you!!

 Elder Liljenquist

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