Friday, April 4, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Family!!
The first week down here in my new area, Grijalva! The area is pretty nice and the ward seems to be pretty good! Not as good as the last ward that I was in, but it's up there! My comp, Elder Nevitt is a pretty cool guy and we seem to get along pretty well! Haha.. They didn't send me far at all from my area in Parrilla, like 5 minutes down the road! The day of the transfer, I went to the bus station to meet the leaders and they told me to go back where I came from just stop before you get to Parrilla and you'll be in your area! Haha. So me and my comp got my things and went to the house. Umm.. when we got to the house, you guys need to understand that it's not a house. It's a room. And well, if any of you have seen the size of my mom's closet, that's about the size of the dang place! Our dang suit cases don't even fit in the house. I sleep in my hammok across the room and my comp sleeps in a bed in the corner of the room. Luckily the President told me before I got there to find a new house! Pray that I'm only there for the next week! Oh and we only have 1 fan that works!! haha! It sucks so bad at night!! It has been so hot here! We have been in the high 90s and 100s all week! sS you can only imagine how hot it is at night in that room!
In the area the work seems to be pretty good. They had some investigators that they had just found and that were progressing, but there was not much movement in the area. We have some investigators that are pretty good! A family that they had just found before I had gotten there is really great. It's a family of 6 people and 4 of them can be baptized. We get along great with the family, The only problem is that the couple are not married and we will have to marry them before we can baptize them! 

There is another investigator named Roberto, I guess he found the missionaries and told them that he wanted to be taught. He has a good desire to progress. We invited him to be baptized this past week and he accepted! We put a date with him for the 12 of April. He came to church on Sunday and said that he is doing good!

 Everything is going good here. We are going to start soccer tournaments here in the ward to start to try and find more investigators, and we are going to get these members to work! I am excited to be working here! I love and miss all of you!!

Elder Liljenquist

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