Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey Family

Well it was a interesting week here in Grijalva, We had a pretty good week here. Tuesday we had a special conference with our mission President, it was really good! We learned a lot more things that I think everyone needed to hear. Something interesting happened after the conference, my President wanted to talk to my companion so he pulled him off to the side and told him that he was going to have special transfers this next week and was going to be put into another area! Haha of course that would happen..right! So Wednesday night we got the call to where he was going and who was coming here with me! So my new comp is Elder Chajon, he is from Guatamala, he is a pretty cool elder! We have gotten along really well this past week! 
So with the 3 weeks that I have in this area me and my new comp this past week pretty much went around and got to know the area a little bit better! We have gotten to know our investigators pretty well and we put 2 more baptismal dates this past week! Miguel that I have talked about with you guys is doing really well, he has found a lot of friends in the church and is coming to all of the activities every week! We have another investigator Jorge who went to the church when he was younger but stopped going, he has always had the desire to be baptized but just has never come back to church! So we went and taught him for the first time and he accepted a date for the 3 of may! 
As you all know I said that we were going to be baptizing this past week. There were a lot of things that happened this past week! Haha first this family you guys need to understand they don't even have money to eat, he goes around all day selling remotes for tv.s and other little electronics like that. And every night he goes to the bridge and sets up his public stand to sell. His wife has diabetes and she got really sick this past week and he needs to send her to another state so she can get taken care of! And he has been getting himself in some pretty bad debt! he keeps going to the bank and loan companies to take out money but just keeps falling more and more behind! I have been praying so hard for him and his family, the other night he asked me for money so that he could go and me and my comp went and bought him some food from the gas station that was close by. He says they have no gas in his house so all the money he makes he has to buy food that's already made and that is always more expensive. And he always tells me, don't worry everything is going to turn around! Its so crazy the faith that this man has! So we are gong to continue to work with him and help in any way that we can! 
I hope that we can all be grateful for how much we have, seeing this all happen and being apart of it has made me see just how blessed we all are! I miss all of you sooo much! I have been baking here in the Mexican heat haha! but time is always going! I love all you so much!

Elder Liljenquist

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