Friday, April 4, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey family!!

How is everyone doing?? Things here are going pretty good! We have been working pretty good here! I have been getting to know the area! But the ward and the investigators are really good! We still need to find some more, but we have 2 or 3 that are progressing really well! This past week was the beginning of the heat wave that's going to come in! Holy cow! I know that I complain to you guys about the heat all of the time, but if any of you need to lose some weight, come down here to Villa and just walk! haha …You'll be in unreal shape in a week!!! The heat really is not that bad. It's the humidity that kills you! 
Our investigator Roberto, is doing really well. He is having some struggles with work. He and his family do not have very much. For work, he buys and resells T.V remotes and little electronic things and goes out to the streets and sells them. There is a big river that divides Villa and Gaviotas (my area) and he is always up on the bridge selling. He is a really cool guy and has a lot of faith! He knows that all the blessings will come if he just keeps working hard! We explained to him about prayer and how he can be sure about his answer. We talked about the fruits of the spirit and how he would feel when he receives his answer. He did not end up attending church this week, but that night we went up to the bridge to see him and it turns out that he was sick and to top it off, he and his wife had not eaten since the day before because they did not have any money to buy food. It was weird because like 5 minutes later, a lady and some guy walked passed us and she dropped an envelope all wadded up. I did not think anything of it. But something told me to go and get it. So I went and got it and opened it up and there inside there was two 500 peso bills!! I thought for a second that this could help Roberto out soo much! But it just wouldn't be right, so me and my comp went bookin it after this lady! We finally caught her and at first, haha.. I think that we scared her because she started to like run away from us!! haha.. But then I asked her if the envelope was hers and then she actually got really mad and grabbed it right out of my hand and didn't even say thank you!! haha. Well at least I know I did it right! 
The family that we have been teaching is doing pretty good. There are just some problems. The husband likes to drink....a lot!! And they got kicked out of there house this week so they have been looking for another place to live, The wife is pretty tired of the husband coming home drunk all of the time. She says she wants to get away from him for her kids. She is really great, just its hard with her husband! We are going to focus in more on him! 
I am really excited to be able to see conference this week! I can't believe its time again! The clock is flying by! I miss all of you soo much!!

 Elder Liljenquist

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