Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey family!!

Well it was another good week here in Grijalva!! We have had some success with our investigators! And the best news is that this weekend Roberto is going to be baptized! We are really excited for him! We have been working with him a lot and have seen such a big change in this guy! He has a pretty ruff situation right now and its so cool to see him trust so much in our Heavenly Father! Him and his family do not have very much money! but he is confident that the blessings will come! It has really been a faith building experience to see him work through! He has asked me and my comp for money for gas for his house so they can cook a lot of times, but he has been really acceptable with trusting in the lord and praying for the help that he needs. He told us what happened to him yesterday when he went out to work, he got assaulted by some punk kid, and he started to talk about it with us and he says he knows why it happened, haha because were not supposed to work on Sundays!! haha it was the coolest thing! He is so ready and I am so happy that he will be able to take this step and be able to receive the blessings that are waiting for him.
During the Hottest week of my life! haha we have also been working with another investigator named Jorge, he has been doing really well! The other day he asked us when we could plan his baptismal date!! haha just out of no where! it was kinda of weird, but he is progressing pretty well, he did not come to conference but he has a date for the end of this month.
We are also working with another investigator named Miguel, he is a great investigator, he is like 22 and loves to listen to us! He has come to church and even goes to all other activities during the week! and the best is that he goes to institute alone every week! We are working with him to get him a baptismal date!
Conference was unreal! I hope that all of you were able to see it! All of the sessions were sooo good! I loved the talk from our Prophet, The true love of our Savior is what is going to take us back in the presence of our Heavenly Father. It was such a good talk, especially because I can do so much better at having more charity for everyone.
I miss all of you soo much! Time is flying here though! The weeks just get faster and faster I could really relate the talk about the 4 minutes that we have here! It really made me see that this time that I have here in the mission is so short and I have heard more than once that its an 1 time thing, that's want to do it the best that I can! I hope all of you can do things to the fullest and make the best of our 4 minutes here! I love all of you!!

Elder Liljenquist

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