Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014 - 18 Months!!

 Happy, healthy, and HANDSOME Elder!!
 Water balloon fight!
Hey Guys!!

Well it was a really good first week here in Coatza! The area here in beautiful and like 2 minutes from the beach! I can see the ocean in all parts of my area! haha makes it hard to remember that I cant go there!! haha its alright though. But we have had a really good week just getting to know the members and all of the investigators that are here in this area! My comp is Elder Gonzales from Mexico, he is a really cool kid and we have been getting along pretty good! He has around 13 months in the mission. We share the house that we live in with 2 other Elders from Utah. Elder Jeppson and Elder Layton. Haha they are Hilarious!! We have been messing with each other every single night of the week! haha it has been a good time and only the first week here. Some crazy things have happened to me this past week, well we live in a house with 2 rooms and we all have to sleep in one room and in the other we have all of our study things, but one night I woke up and started feeling my lip and it felt like I had a dang golf ball in my lip!! I don't know what happened but something must have bit me or maybe something I ate! Who knows what happened but its all gone now! haha! And the other night our neighbors that are crazy started hitting us with water balloons when we got home from working! haha so we ran into our apartment and can out with buckets of water and started fighting back! haha it was way fun!

Don't worry we did some working too! haha when I got here there wasn't much and there was not any baptismal dates but this past week we were able to work with some of the recent converts and find family members that are not member and we started to teach them. One of them is Arron, he is 15 and his dad was just baptized and he told us this past week that he wants to be baptized! so we put a date with him for the 28th of this month! 

Then we have another part member family, Her name is Paulina she is 13 and her aunt is a member but less active! so we are working on getting her aunt back to church and Paulina says that she wants to be baptized also! It was really cool. She has loved the church but its really sad that her aunt wont take her, but we brought her a Book of Mormon the other day and we made her close her eyes before giving it to her and she got really happy and excited when we gave it to her! 
I am really excited to be here in the area and to keep working! I hope that we can find new investigators in this next week! I love and miss you all! Happy Father's Day to all the dads!
Elder Liljenquist

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