Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey family!!
Well it was another good week! The weather here has been out of control! We have had lots of heat and pouring rain all week! haha but all in all it was a good week! My comp Elder Chajon has been suffering with a lot of back pain this past week and feeling like he is going to throw up! So we have been trying to help the best that we can. Wednesday he could not get up from his bed from the pain that he has in his back! So we called the President and he sent us to the hospital. We got some test don't on his back and they said that he has a bladder infection! and that he might get kidney stones! Freak! He has been dying in pain all week! I feel really bad for him! So they gave him some meds and told him to take it easy! But the medicine has not been doing much for him and he has gotten kind of depresed about the situation! I have been trying to help him out the best that I can! 

We have had a kind slow week for the same reason, his back pain doesn't let him walk very much before it starts to bother him. But we were able to get some things done! We have our 3 investigators that are progressing pretty well! Laura has her baptismal date for the 21st of June. She is doing good, we just need to her to get rid of her boyfriend that is living in the same house with her and then she will be ready for baptism. Jorge has a baptismal date for the 14th of June. He is doing pretty good, we have had some trouble seeing him this past week just becuase of my comp and his back! But we got to see him on Saturday and he has been reading and keeping his commitments! The only bad thing is that he did not come to church on Sunday!! 

Miguel...haha well we found out that his mom is about as catholic as you can get..so yesterday we went to his house to take him to church and he didn't answer the door, so we went to church and then after we went back to his house to see him. His mom answered the door and started off on how we are bothering her son and how everything that we do is a lie and she has never heard anything like that before haha. So we started to explain everything to her to try and find a point that caught her attention the most. We started on the Book Of Mormon and she had a ton of questions! So we put and appointment with her and we will be seeing her this week!

We had some members introduce us to some of there neighbors and we have found some good references from the members in our ward! We have some new families that we will be teaching in the next week! 

I cant believe that its June! half of the year is over! Time is going by so fast! So crazy that my brother graduated! I remember mine like it was yesterday! I miss and love all of you soo much!

Elder Liljenquist

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