Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hey Family!

Well this past week was a pretty good one! We have been seeing more and more succes here in our area! And the best part is that I am feeling alot better! Here in Grijalva we have been working really well with the famlies that we are teaching and have been trying to find more investigators! The heat wave past through and pretty much all this past week it has been raining or overcast, so it has been pretty nice to have a break from the heat! The only bad thing is that when it rains haha the streets here flood! The part of the city that were in is really low, and all of the water rushes in when it rains pretty hard or for a long time! But it felt really good not to be dying of heat at night! 

We have been doing really good with our families that we have! Rut and her family are doing really well! They are a family of 3 and have a babtizm date for the 17 of May! We are really excited for them and the best part is, is that they are just excited! This past week we had a Famliy night with them and the family of our Bishop, it went really well! We watched a Mormon message about the Atonement and at the end President Uchtdorf gives a invitation to all to join the church and pray to see if it is true. It went really well! Who better to give the invatation then an Apostol! But this family really has opend up to us and shared things that lets me know that they are really ready to take this step! I have had experiances with them that I will never forget! The daughter of the family has had problems for a long time with feelings of a bad presence and has suffered with depression and sickness, my comp and I have always felt weird walking into the house and especially when we leave. Something I didnt share from out first visits with them is the first time that we went to that house we knew from the moment that we walked in that there was something wrong, We didnt give just one blessing but she has asked us for multiple blessings, its crazy the differencet that we have seen in her! We blessed the house and she says that she feels it every now and then but she just reads int eh Book Of Mormon and the feeling goes away! They say that a few years ago an old lady that lived a above them practiced like witch craft stuff...pretty crazy!

We have another investigator that also has a baptism date for the 17 of May! Miguel is getting alot better, we have seen a true change in him! He told us that he really wants to change and drop all of the things that he is doing! He is young, about 20 years old and has a lot of troubles with girls and things like that, but he believes that there is a better life away from all those things! 

This past week as with everyday is a challenge, I have told myself that I want to be more obedient, not that I haven't been, but there is always so much more that we can all improve. We will never come to a point of full knowlege in this life, so im pretty sure that we all can do more! So crazy that its already Mothers Day this Sunday!! I feel like Christmas just happend!!! Well really excited to see and talk to you all one last time! I miss you all so much! and love all of you!

Elder Liljenquist

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