Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 26, 2014

Hey Family!

Well it was another really good week here in Grijalva! We have been dying of heat all week long! The weather here is crazy! One second it can be completley sunny and burning hot and 5 mintues later its pouring rain! They say that hurricane season is going to come early this year and there are chances that one or two come for Tabasco! Haha everyone here is talking about that, every house that you go to they tell you about how worried they are about flooding again! I guess in 2007 they had a huge flooding here for storms that came in. They say that the water was higher than the houses! So crazy, lets hope that doesn't happen again.

So every Tuesday we have a district class and we have to travel in what they call a convie, imagine a van with welded bleacher seats around the the whole inside. Haha so we had to take one of those to the class and one back to our area. In the class they gave us 10 Books of Mormon each to go and pass out and use to contact and for our investigators. So on the way home there was 6 missionaries in the convie and that means 60 Books of Mormon haha it was awesome to see the looks on the other peoples faces when we all got in! Haha but they all got interested about why we had all these Books. So all these missionaries started contact all of the passengers, it was pretty cool! I sat in the front seat with the Driver, I was able to give him a Book and set up an appoinment for the missionaries to pass by his house. Contacting in the begining was something that was really hard for me to do! Just cause I think I was scared! But I feel pretty good about it now! 

The family that got baptized are doing great and progressing really well! We have still talking with the Daughter Laura about her baptism. She has some problems with her boyfriend. He and her are living in the same house but she told us that she does not want to be with him or anything, she just is afraid to separate from him because they have a huge debt that they have to pay off! But she talked to us this week and said that she is going to explain to him what she wants to do and ask him to leave. She just hopes that he will still help her pay off the money that they owe! Sunday we confirmed Juan and Ruth it went really well! And at the end of the sacrament they asked Ruth to go up and give the closing prayer! Haha she was shaking so bad! But her daughter Laura is going to be baptized the 7 of June so not this week but the next!

We have been working with another investigator Jorge. He has been to church the 2 past weeks and has a baptism date for the 14 of June. He is progressing pretty good and has a desire to learn more! We have received lots of references from other missionaries and members that we have contacted and are in the process of working with them! 

So mango season is back!! there are so many mangos here!! its crazy! we walk around all day and eat mangos off of the tree! haha there definitely my new favorite fruit! 

The ward that we are in right now is trying to get up and running again, we have our baptism was the first in almost 9 months!! Here in Mexico that is terrible! we have been trying to get our Bishop excited again about workin and starting to have ward counsel again but he says that its a wast of time! So what we have been doing to having our own counsel with all of the members of counsel! This area and all these members have so much potential but we just have to help them get up and going again! 

Each week I feel like I need to do more and more! We have interviews with our mission President this past week and we talked about my time in the mission. He told me that the last 6 months is the time to put everything you have learned into practice! I love all the people here and know that the Lord is preparing all of the people around us to hear our message! 

I love and miss all of you guys! So crazy that its summer already back there! Love you guys!

Elder Liljenquist

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