Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

 Elder Liljenquist and Elder Parduhn! Both Lone Peak graduates from Highland, UT! 
 Sweet family bought Elder Liljenquist some news shoes! Apparently he needed some;) 

Hey family! 
Well it was another pretty good week here in Grijalva, and it was my last! Today I have transfers! There sending me to the other end of the mission in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz. I did not see that one coming at all! I thought for sure that they were going to leave me there for a little bit longer! I feel like I just got there. But I guess that the Lord needs me somewhere else! My new comp will be Elder Gonzales. This area was great! When I first  got here it was really struggling, and they had not had a baptism for almost a year! We were able to get the area back up and going again and have some baptisms!

The members here are awesome and have really helped us, I'm really grateful for the time that I had to be here and work with them, I hope that the area will continue to progress and the baptisms that we have coming up go through!
Sunday, my comp and I had the opportunity to give talks in our ward, It went really good. Our subject was Missionary Work. Our talks went really well! But my comp talked forever! it was like a 20 minute talk and only left me with like 7 minutes! Haha its alright though! I focused my talk on how missionary work is a commandment from our Heavenly Father that we should  Preach the gospel to every land and person. And then I compared that to the scripture in 1 Nephi 3 verse 7 That says the Lord doesnt give commandments to his children without preparing a way that they can complete it. And then I ended  with one of my favorite scriptures in D&C  120  that says many are called but few are chosen. I love this scripture and to be able to apply it to the members. We are all called to the work of the lord, but those who answer the call make themselves chosen in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. 

That night around 6 I got a call telling me that I had transfers! so I went around and said bye to everyone and we went back to the house and I started packing my things. Around 9 I got a call from a family that has been pretty close to me ever since I got here. Haha they saw me in my Sunday shoes which I had brought from my house and now are completely trashed! But they're the only shoes that I can wear with my suit, and they had called to ask me what shoe size I was because they had gone out to buy me a new pair of shoes! Haha So they came over to my house like at 10 at night and took some pictures with me and drop me off a brand new pair of Sunday shoes! They are the best family! I love them so much! 

Packing my stuff wasn't too bad,  I left my little suitcase there actually and just took the medium and the big suit case. Slowly leaving stuff behind that I just don't use or that just doesn't work anymore! I left my first pair of shoes haha they lasted me 17 months!  Everything is good here! coming up on 18 months in the mission! It has gone by soo fast! I don't know how it has flown by! 

I miss and love you all soo much! 

Elder Liljenquist

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